The Fashion Muse by YEGFashionista / Marni Walker

The Fall is such a fabulous season, bringing change and earthy colors to our world again! And Jeebus people, we may as well embrace that kind of thinking since we enjoyed a whopping 8 days of summer altogether this year in #yeg … think positively, right??!!!  In any case I always get stoked when September rolls in. We live in a harsh winter climate here, so I figure we deserve to get jazzed up about our cold weather wardrobes. They get a lot of wear in our year, we should have some fun with it! And this year’s Fall Fashion season in E-town gives us some things to get excited about, to be sure 😉

Allie and me!

This month we’ve got several good reads, starting with a long overdue look at a local Fashion gem.  Alisha Schick and her brand-with-attitude Suka Clothing have been around and #keepingitlocal for over 10 years now. Alisha was also a former (and favorite) student of mine at MC College, graduating almost 20 years ago. We have forged a lasting friendship over the years, as she remarks with affection to mutual friends, “this bitch taught me how to sew!” Her new collection “Our Friends Are Electric” dropped earlier this year to rave reviews, and we’ve got it in this issue.  You can also see Suka Clothing showcase the new collection at WCFW.

MC College, downtown YEG

Then we’ve taken a fresh look at MC College, which has undergone some major changes in 2019. They have moved into a brand new beautiful building, upgraded and expanded their programs, and can finally house their Corporate and Edmonton campus staff in the same physical space. Congrats!!!  The business also celebrated another major success this year, the 30 year anniversary of their Fashion Program. Check out the article on this intensive program, with photo galleries documenting their year. And get a sneak peek into the Collections from the Class of ‘19, which will be showcased at their very first show on September 12th.  

MC Class of ’19

Looking for the major Fashion events happening this month? Look no further! Here we’ve got them all listed for you, with links to connect for more information or tickets. Western Canadian Fashion Week runs from the 18th through 22nd, take in the daily shows & we will also be covering all the happenings for the October issue 😉

We’re expanding the Fashion section over the fall, with more content that educates, informs and inspires … new Contributors with fresh perspectives … and new Partnerships with other folks in the YEG Fashion community.  So excited!!! Don’t even get me started talking about the October issue, but I hope you’ll tune in 😀

PS … if you’re looking for intel on the Top Trends for this Fall season, we’ve got those too. The vast body of available info on the mighty Interweb can inform you further! So I’ll just drop the ‘Coles Notes’ version here:

Top Trends for Fall 2019 Season:


  • Itty Bitty Bags
  • Statement Hats
  • Belts
  • Chunky Jewelry
  • Square Toed Heels


  • Orchid Purple
  • Metallics
  • Feathers
  • Satin
  • Gothic Floral prints
  • Sherpa Fleece
  • Checks & Plaids
  • Details: Pockets
  • Belted Suits
  • Slashed, Asymmetrical Necklines
  •     Square Necklines (“Ren-Faire” Renaissance details)
  • Quilted Patchwork
  • Coats With Super-long Hems
  • Prep School look
  • ‘70’s girl Revival
  • ‘80’s Tailored Suits (“power shoulders”)
  • Capes
  • Gold (head to toe)