The Fashion Muse by YEGFashionista / Marni Walker

Well our fall season is in full swing, the leaves have turned fabulous colors and floated down all around us these past weeks. Or maybe that was just in my yard! … teehee. Life always seems to ramp up right about now, and this year is no exception. School programs gearing up again, preparations for the winter months dead ahead, and Halloween yesterday – all makes for busy times for Everyone. We are busy at the Muse fashion section too, working on some interesting and inspiring things for you in the upcoming months #yeg 😉 

If you missed it originally (and even if you didn’t!!!) … please do check out the October Muse Magazine fashion section. SO many beautiful photo galleries and a great write-up of Fall ‘19 Western Canada Fashion Week. Even if you are not alway a fashion-follower, anyone can appreciate some of the crazy creativity we saw this year! The event in late September, named “Fearless” also celebrated the life and the work of James Kershaw, a well-loved Albertan makeup artist we lost earlier this year.  “Let’s be fearless to feel free to express ourselves” was the mantra of the week, holding a mirror to one of the main principles evident in the way James lived his life. Kudos to Sandra Fernandes & company, who presented another winning lineup of shows to entertain and inspire us!

Our coverage of WCFW also introduced the newest member of the Muse Fashion Crew, Selena Arcand. Selena graduated from MC College a few years ago (and is also a former student of mine), and she is also the creative force behind Andleen Designs.  I am beyond thrilled to welcome her to the Edmonton Muse team! I know she will be a wonderful addition, and bring a fresh perspective to the fashion content in the magazine.  

We’ve got a cool recap of the MC College New Designers fashion show for you too! Once again Ron Palmer outdid himself with more terrific photos from this show (and we included a gallery for each and every designer!).  I was immensely proud of this group of students, they are very diverse but also quite gifted <3 … can you tell, I am not biased at all! It was a fun evening at the Aviation Hanger earlier this fall, with industry friends and supporters of the students and program in attendance.   

This year’s Emerging Designer hoopla at WCFW had meaning for me on a personal level as well.  I have recently decided to create a new fashion brand, but with a twist – centered around a new spin on promotional wear.  It’s called Crazee Bella Couture, and my very first “Muse” (pun intended) was our fearless leader, and my good Friend, Jessi Toms.  I had so much fun creating a custom design for her, and she did me proud on the catwalk at the WCFW Emerging Designer competition.  Plus it gave her a chance to wear Naimo Awale’s amazing silver-studded stilettos again! … so clearly a win-win 😀  

Emerging Designer Competition:

Kyla Suess, Andra Design  / Marni Walker, Crazee Bella Couture
Winner:  Pamela Dela Cruz, Syncra Design

Emerging Designers Showcase:

Fatima Kahedi, Unlabelledd
Alberto Vega, Alberto Vega Designs
Amanda Preston, Miss Sew It All
Fakhra Abrar, Dimensions Design

So buckle up E-town fashion lovers – we have lots of awesome things coming in the November issue! Selena Arcand has been busy getting the scoop from several hot emerging designers in town to share with you … as October was also about Breast Cancer awareness, we will take a look at the Fashion for Compassion event, and shine a light on a unique #yeg jewelry designer … there’s a listing of some great local November events happening that you will want to check out … and I will introduce you to a local fashion force that creates exquisite custom shoes (among other things!). AND we have been working on gathering some fabulous products and services, and putting our heads together with Marshall Fabrics, all designed to create some amazing opportunities for you to WIN!  We will be running two great contests before the New Year, both to be announced next week as well.  

The new Edmonton Muse issue – including all this Fashion awesomeness – comes out next Wednesday November 6. Please have a look and let us know what you think Edmonton!