Plarn, Big Hearts and Willing Hands.

Have you even plarned yet? Well, you can learn how and while doing it, help a lot of people. This is up-cycling at its best!

Some have lost hope. Some have been dealt a bad deal in life one too many times. Some have lost it all. Some have addictions and mental health problems that have lead them to the streets. Regardless of their reasoning, they are homeless, and right now, they are cold.

This is where Rebecca Reid comes in. Rebecca is a well known name around Edmonton. She is the YEGfoodie, she works at The Edmonton Muse, Wild Rose Caregivers and Deadmonton House. And somehow, on top of all of that she is also a year round volunteer for various organizations around this city, from feeding the homeless every Sunday, coordinating a team in the Coldest Night of The Year walk, to now, making plarn for her newest endeavor, YEGcares.
You are probably wondering what plarn is. Well, it is yarn made out of plastic grocery bags and Mrs. Reid is now making CAREmats out of plarn to up-cycle and provide a some comfort for our less fortunate.

YEGcares was founded with the CAREmats as the initial project. With a lot of gifted crafters volunteering, up-cycling and fibre-arts will be the future for the project. So much goes into the landfill that could be made useful again. Edmonton’s most vulnerable are living on the streets for various reasons. We are hoping to provide some comfort from the elements with the CAREmats and knitted or crocheted items.”

Rebecca says that this will be a year round project as insulation and cushion is good whether it is hot or cold outside. Now, this is where the community needs to come in to help. It takes 700 bags to make 1 mat.

YEGcares NEEDS YOU! And here is what you can do!

  • Collect all of your grocery bags and drop them off at the drop off points to get converted into plarn. Currently, the drop off is at the Carrot Community Cafe on Tuesdays from 7PM to 9PM, however, there will be an updated list on more locations on their Facebook page, YEGcares.
  • Volunteer! They need plarn makers, crocheters, “anyone with big hearts and willing hands. We can teach if needed!” You can find out more on how to get involved through their volunteers page, YEGcares Volunteers.

“I’ve learned through life experience that these folks will only come out of homelessness when they are ready. I hope these mats let them know that someone cares.”

I think that you are showing them that someone cares, and through your new organization, you are showing them that YEG cares.

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