Muse Awards 2019

Do you know someone that is doing exceptional things for our city and local communities? Do you know of anyone that deserves recognition for their hard work and dedication? Tell us all about them by nominating them for our annual Muse Awards! (Click here to get to the form)

Do you see the name of the person you want to nominate on the list already? That’s OK! We encourage you to enter why you think they should win an award too! You can nominate as many people as you like, but you can only nominate each person once.

All nominees are generated by those entry forms, so get yours in ASAP!

Our current list of nominees are as follows:

  • Claire Pearen: Nominated for her work with various communities and numerous generous acts for others.
  • Stephanie Gillis-Palgaard: Nominated for her continuous generosity and volunteerism for several communities and groups in the city.
  • Mikki Dublanko: Nominated for her work with the Edmonton Music Awards.
  • Miles Konrad: Nominated for his work with the Edmonton Music Awards.
  • Steve Derpack: Nominated for his work with the Edmonton Music Awards.
  • Lars Callieou: Nominated for his hard work and dedication to the Edmonton Comedy scene, as well as being a mentor for other local comedians.
  • “Drew and the Grizzlar Crew”: Nominated for being a rad business that takes the extra effort in trying to better their community as well as their incredible efforts with the Boyle Street Community.
  • Brittany Halford: Nominated for her boundless efforts to support artists from all walks through her previous venues.
  • Pamela Schiwinsky: Nominated for her dedication to local musicians with the Alberta Grown Music Soceity.
  • Brent Oliver: Nominated for being an incredible ally to the local music scene and the work he has done through Alberta Music.