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the RICHARD BLAIS Experience

the RICHARD BLAIS Experience
the RICHARD BLAIS Experience

Richard Blais is an Edmonton Musician and Independent Artist.

Started a solo project in 1996 opening up for numerous Canadian Bands, Trooper was one of his favorites.

Currently working with a few local Bands in Edmonton as well as working on his first Album on cd and Vinyl to be released in Summer of 2018.
Richard has played small and large Venues across Canada as a solo performer and with Local Bands.

The RICHARD BLAIS Experience was created in April 2018 as a Power Trio featuring some of Edmonton's finest Drummers and Bass Players. Richard Blais is the lead Vocalist and Guitarist playing his version of Canadian Rock, Blues, Funk and Alternative Rock. This is a new and very exciting project band that will make its Pilot performance June 15, 2018 in Edmonton, AB. Gaining recognition in the local music scene and building a fan base will enable this group to take on bigger venues and recording prospects of original music.

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