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Welcome to the Edmonton Muse’s Local Entertainers and Artists Directory. Here you will find an array of local talent that resides within Edmonton and the surrounding areas.
You can use this directory to find out about new artists, hire the local talent or find new pieces to add to your collections. We are all about supporting our local scenes here at The Edmonton Muse, so if you find an artist that you like or have worked with, please give them a share of their profile on your social media!

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Grounded Star

Grounded Star

The energy of punk rock, the snaking metres of progressive music, and the chest crushing guitar tones of hard rock combined with a solid sense of groove wrapped in a casing of sci-fi sound effects—Grounded Star creates music that’s difficult to categorize.

Having shared the stage with hometown heavy hitters Shelbi, Portal, The Betty Alice Effect and others, Grounded Star is grabbing anyone around them and forcing them to take notice.

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