Birth of the Dog

Stony Plain, Alberta’s, Dog Rump Creek Music, started totally by accident and under another name. Back in 2006, Tannis Matthews wanted to bring new Canadian Country artist Johnny Reid, to her hometown of Spruce Grove. Through people she had met while following Reid across western Canada (that’s right, she chased him for 6 shows, in 6 days and 3000kms), she was able to contact Reid’s then manager. As a result Matthews and her husband Jazz, yes, that’s me, were able to host Johnny Reid in May of 2007 at the Horizon Stage in Spruce Grove. We did it all, marketing, selling and cleaning the bathrooms too. The show was sold out and we lived like rock stars around town for a week. That was supposed to be the end. Then we got a call from that same manager and we found out he was also working with George Canyon. Since we had done such a great job with Reid, he wanted to know if we would want to do a small venue show with Canyon. For sure we sad yes and did it all again. However, after the show we realized that we didn’t really know what we were doing. We knew we weren’t going to make a million bucks, but in a sold out show, we shouldn’t be losing money. Insert sad face here, we stopped doing what we were enjoying. 

Jump ahead about 5 years, we run into Clayton Bellamy of the Road Hammers, completely by chance. I had always been a fan long before Hammer days and we approached him about doing something a little different. A few months later, Bellamy and his guitar were in our garage playing an intimate show for a few friends. Very cool and the beginning of Tavern House Concerts. Over the next 4 years, we were blessed to have some of the greats play in our “Tavern”. The partial list is impressive; Jason McCoy, Duane Steele, Charlie Major and Brett Kissel, all played not once but TWICE!! It was during these house concerts that Dog Rump Creek Music was born. In 2013 during a snowstorm, we delayed our house concert to allow people to get through the storm. To pass the time, an artist, unknown to us at the time, Brad Fersovitch, played a short set before the show. We were so impressed with his music that we decided to invest some time and work with him when we could. We booked some gigs together and even recorded some off the floor tracks, under the name Bradly Tucker. We have since parted ways but you can find Tucker playing events and festivals around Alberta. 

This all led to us working with the Town of Stony Plain on an eight week concert series in the park, Summer Sessions in Stony, 2017 being it’s third season. We have to date done three Canada Day events for the Town as well. As buyers/promoters we do the best we can to include local talent in everything we do. We have a large informal roster of local artists that we can draw on to help make any event a great success. This list includes, local country artist, Steve Newsome, who has had some success this past year and will be back in the studio January 2017 with new music scheduled to be released in March 2017. As a company we are very excited about our future. You can find us on FacebookTwitter, or give us a call at (780)245-3726. We are here for all your entertainment needs.