April 2019

Entertainer of the Month: Griffin Powell-Arcand Artist of the Month: Jani Galarneau Business of the Month: Timothie Hill Hairdressing

March 2019

EDITION 25! WE ARE OFFICIALLY 2! THANK YOU, EDMONTON! Artist of the Month: Amaury Fortuna Business of the Month: Golomein Entertainer of the Month: US! Let’s celebrate together! The Edmonton Muse Covering the A-B-C’s of YEG! Local Arts, Business and Culture!

February 2019

Artist of the Month: Darrell Windjack Business of the Month: The Grizzlar Coffee and Records Entertainer of the Month: Tim Isberg

January 2019

2019 brings many exciting things! For starters, we have a new affiliate, our Business of the Month: Edmontone Studio! Our Artist of the Month, Doris Charest brings some insight to our francophone friends with Mariam Qureshi and we recap the amazing entertainers that graced our pages throughout 2018. With updated event listings and a lot of interaction, you can get informed and entertained about all the amazing things that YEG has to offer!

December 2018

Covering the A-B-C’s of Edmonton: Local Art’s, Business and Culture Artist of the Month: Jenny McConnell Business of the Month: Otto Food and Drink Entertainer of the Month: The Dice Cubes

November 2018

Business of the Month: Vienna Bakery Entertainer of the Month: Forbidden Dimension Artist of the Month: Eric Cheung

October 2018

This month we are featuring Brad Fehr as our featured artist, Punch Drunk Cabaret as our Entertainer of the Month and our Business of the Month is the incredible and spooky, Deadmonton Haunted House. This issue is jam packed full of other YEG goodies including insight into Edmonton’s fashion scene and much more! Check it out and see what we have in here for you!

September 2018

Entertainer of the Month: Colin Christopher Artist of the Month: Ellen Andreassen Business of the Month: Swiss 2 Go

August 2018

Another issue packed full of our amazing locals! We are featuring Daniel Martin and the Infamous for our Entertainers of the Month, Stephan Pardy as our Artist of the Month and YEGfoodie ventures out of the norm with Camola, a sustainable resource of crickets! We just launched our new section, Rhythm of the City. Our photographers Shauna and Ron helped create this photo re-cap of events taking place in Edmonton. We hope you enjoy this edition!

July 2018

This is a big one! 98 pages of talent in this edition! We have beautiful galleries of the Beaumont Blues and Roots Festival and the Edmonton Music Awards. We are also saying congratulations to Dan Johnstone for his 7 year Can Man Dan anniversary. Our Artist of the Month, Cliff Travis is in residency at the Lotus Art Gallery and his work is amazing!

June 2018

This month we are featuring The Confusionaires as our Entertainers of the Month, Mariam Qureshi as our Artist of the Month, YEG Burger as our Business of the Month, a photo collage of the anniversary bash, in case you missed it. A re-cap on our 2018 MUSE Award winners and so much more!

May 2018

IN THIS ISSUE Matthew Willox Artist, graphic designer, musician… is there anything he can’t do? Biera YEGfoodie checks in for some delicious food! Brother Octopus From the depths of the ocean to gracing the stage, they share the music of their people with Jazz!

April 2018

Entertainer of the Month: Angela Palmer Artist of the Month: Phil Alain Business of the Month: Unbelts Athlete of the Month: Pradeep Bala

March 2018

Artist of the Month: Tereza Siryova Entertainer of the Month: Lars Callieou Athlete of the Month: Alyssa Hyduk Business of the Month: Casino Yellowhead, featuring the new Pearl Showroom

February 2018

Athlete of the Month: Jackson Payne Entertainers of the Month: ACMA Weekend Artist of the Month: Juro Kralovic Business of the Month: Smoke & Ash

January 2018

Artist of the Month: Dandi-Lines Art Studio and Gallery Entertainer of the Month: Electric Audrey 2 Business of the Month: Osaka Sushi, Spruce Grove Athlete of the Month: Meghan Schech

December 2017

Artist of the Month: Lewis Lavoie Athlete of the Month: Aaron Grymes Entertainer of the Month: Stephanie Harpe Business of the Month: Leftovers YEG

November 2017

Entertainer of the Month: Soap Box Duo Artist of the Month: Dawn Marie Marchand Athlete of the Month: Queeny Alfeche Business of the Month: The Promo Syndicate with Shannon Berry

October 2017

Artist of the Month: Robert Thorne Athlete of the Month: Tanya Henderson Business of the Month: CKUA, Introducing Marc Carnes Entertainer of the Month: Steve Newsome

September 2017

Artist of the Month: Con Boland Entertainer of the Month: Andrea Nixon Athlete of the Month: Shamelle Pless

August 2017

Artist of the Month: Patrick Ennis Athlete of the Month: Kylee Hart Business of the Month: Greens, Eggs and Ham Entertainer of the Month: Martin Kerr

July 2017

Artist of the Month: Ron Lamarre Athlete of the Month: Jelena Mrdjenovich Business of the Month: Rantdog Animation Studio Entertainer of the Month: Justin Hogg

June 2017

Artist of the Month: Shar Powell Business of the Month: Tyson Cale Boyd with Concertworks Athletes of the Month: Chris Dennis and Lauren Simpson Entertainer of the Month: Bob Beddow

May 2017

Artist of the Month: Con Boland Entertainer of the Month: Olivia Rose Business of the Month: Naked Cyber Cafe Athlete of the Month: Katrina Nelson

April 2017

Entertainer of the Month: Steve Newsome Artist of the Month: Olivia Kain Athlete of the Month: Nick Croken Business of the Month: Hannah Guitars

March 2017

Business of the Month: Steam Whistle Artist of the Month: Carys Cuttlefish Athlete of the Month: Max Larocque Introducing our newest writer, Quin Grace of Quintessential Tarot