#ABArtsMatter – Why it’s important!

‘The Arts’ is more than just paint, pencils and canvas, it is a massive index of industries that expand into cultural and creative outlets, ranging from advertising/marketing, music, IT, sciences, design, architecture, film, galleries, museums, libraries, performing, visual arts and more!

So, what is the point of posting and sharing through #ABArtsMatter? The simple answer is awareness. Recognizing what each individual artist can bring and understanding the economic impact they have on everything else.
Every artist, band, arts support program, etc, is run like a business. Each, an entrepreneur of their trade, trading their services and craft for financial gain, just like any storefront or business platform out there.
We also have to remember that the galleries don’t fill themselves, the music doesn’t write itself, the plays and films don’t act and produce themselves… there are a lot of people involved into making these all a possibility.
Then there is the effect they have on other businesses as well. For instance, that band that is playing at your local venue is bringing business to that venue by having people come in and enjoy their music while consuming what the venue has to offer in beverages and food. Or that play, at the Citadel or Shadow theatre! How about visiting one of the hundreds of festivals that take place year round. Think of how many people are employed based around the entertainment sector of the arts.
This list goes on. We can talk about the tourism appeal, the IT and science use of creative industry, the architecture, education, etc. The point is that ‘The Arts’ is a much needed and utilized industry that deserves to keep its funding to create more outlets of income especially in a time where it seems jobs are becoming more limited.

The Alberta Arts Industry matters! Now we have to work together to make sure that everyone else knows that too.