Thank you, Edmonton! And say hello to Muse Canada Inc.

I remember sitting in one of my favorite little cafĂ©’s, scrapping out ideas with my aunt on napkins. With each of our involvement in the arts and musical industries, we wanted to brainstorm on something that could create connection and community, while promoting the wide array of incredibly talented people that called Edmonton their home. Those ideas started off as being a simple newsletter of event listings, to a gathering of similar minded individuals in my kitchen, to start on a new venture, (I actually should say adventure), and that was the beginning of The Edmonton Muse Magazine.

We started with music, live entertainment, health and business. We started at zero readers, zero subscribers and zero partners or affiliates. That was March of 2017.
Fast forward to March of 2020 and we had over 25 partners and affiliates, 36.5K monthly views to our digital publications, expanded our content to fashion, sports, expanded health and wellness, and art. We were just starting on theatre!
We had 23 staff and contributors, who were just as dedicated to the scenes as the Muse entity was and we had a “home” located in the Edmonton Expo Centre.
In 3 years, we accomplished so much. We were part of hundreds of events, paved many new roads, assisted in countless community initiatives and became a well known name in support of Edmonton’s incredible arts and culture scenes.

March of 2020, we released our 37th edition, and it was our last. COVID entered our lives and we had to shut everything down. The live entertainment and arts scenes were the first industries to get shut down, and that is where most of our support and content thrived from. Those scenes will also be the last ones to open, so we had to make the toughest decision, despite our efforts, sacrifices and successes… we shut down The Edmonton Muse.

It took me a few months to wrap my head around everything. Putting thousands of hours of dedicated work to something and losing it because of circumstances way beyond my control was a hard lesson to take in. In one night, I lost my business, my staff were like family, I lost hope and my dreams…. or so I thought!

Around September of 2020, my entrepreneurial itchy feet started to kick in. I needed to do something and I wasn’t ready to let go of all that the Muse name represented especially at a time when my fellow artists, musicians, cultural and hospitality friends and businesses needed it the most.

This is where Muse Canada Inc and a whole new platform was born. I took the principles of Connection, Communication and Coopetition and transferred them over to create something that was way beyond the reach and realms of a magazine. I assembled an amazing team and we got to work on what we are calling a unified platform for all Arts, Culture and Entertainment (ACE) sectors to use to create new opportunities, receive information and education and communicate with one another through a professional basis. We are also carrying this platform all the way across Canada over the course of the next few years.

So, Edmonton, I want to thank you for always accepting The Muse brand into your circles, your businesses, your hearts, your scenes, your communities, and your email inboxes! What was once thought to be lost in the abyss of COVID has now become a bigger entity and opportunity for us all to work together in, to build our communities and scenes back up. Thank you for working with us and we hope that you ALL come and join us on this new adventure that we are building, Muse Canada Inc.

Cheers to many more years of promotion, support and being a voice for our ACE industries,

Jessi Toms