It’s all about you, Edmonton!

Let us give you the lowdown on the YEG scenes, communities and local businesses. Our Muse Crew is always on the go, getting the scoop on the local events and on the amazing people that live here.
We love this city and want to show you why you will too!

April, you beautiful spring month! Ya finally made it to the party!!
Where do we even begin with this month? It is crazy how fast things have happened, and they just keep happening for us. The best part about that, is that we have more to offer you!
April features some more amazing locals! We have an announcement of a new Netflix Original Series that features one of our local actors, Griffin Powell-Arcand. Our Artist of the Month is Jani Galarneau and our Business of the Month is Timothie Hill Hair Dressing!
We were also able to get some more going on with the Edmonton Stingers, Fashion with Marni Walker (Western Canada Fashion Week Coverage for the win!), another amazing YEGfoodie article with Formosa Bistro, our usual Rantdog Animation, another insightful read by Spirit Banana, a feature from Paws the Cat Café, Second Chance Animal Rescue Society, 24K Healing, 2 Capital City Records (Edmonton Public Library) reviews of The Frolics and Rebecca Lappa, and we have a new writer in the mix: FatDave Johnston! Also packed with a ton of local art, music and event listings! 

Not to mention the AMAZING work done by our team of photographers: Ronald Palmer, Matthew Helfrich Richard Pearce and Ben Shillabeer for the Rhythm of the City Galleries scattered throughout the mag!
Seriously, there is something for everyone here!
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